Free Money for Online Slots 2018

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Free Money for Online Slots 2018

In the past few years I’m you have come across several online casinos with a vast selection of free online slot machines featured on their sites. Free Online Slots have become very popular among the masses and is considered as a pastime by many people. Many people all around the world prefer playing online slots and casino games. Free Money for Casino Games is especially popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and across the whole of Main land Europe.

Many slot players find Casino games a lot of fun, entertaining and very easy to play. People are always hesitant when they start and must place a bet with their own cash for the first time. This shouldn’t be an issue with the new breed of online casino. You are given the opportunity to try online slots and casino games for free. You can even choose which games you can play on. All you have to do to get started is register a new play money account.

Luck or Skill

Online Slots are all about the Luck. It is very simple and easy to win a big progressive slots jackpot providing you choose the right casino and the right games. In recent times players have been known to win multi-million-pound jackpots from a minimum stake of £1. If this isn’t enough to turn you into a real money player instead of a free slots player I don’t know what will. It would however be advisable that you start with your free money, as this will help you to become comfortable enough to play any casino games or online slot machine.

Online Slots are no more difficult to play than playing in a real bricks and mortar casino. A slot machine is designed to be easy to understand and have you playing from the very moment you sit down. All you need to do is deposit your money and pull the slot machine arm or more common these days press the start button and wait to see if you hit a winning combination. Always check the game rules, reel pay-outs and of course any bonus features or free spins. As this is where you will win the most money. Even more importantly than that is to know and understand a games RTP.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for the Return to Player, this is like the house edge when you play casino games in that it is a verified pay-out percentage will be paid out in winning combinations as people play a particular slot machine game. For example, a machine with a 95% RTP will theoretically pay back £95 for every £100 you play on that particular game. If it was that simple, this percentage is calculated over 1000s of spins so sometimes you will not win for a lengthy period, then others you will play a few spins and could win the jackpot.

If you are looking for something, which is fun to play and entertaining, then there is every reason signup for Free Money for Casino games and you can learn how to play the best in online slot games. The games are easy and you have every chance to get hit the £1000 or even £1,000,000+ jackpot prizes. What are you waiting for and press the button to get you started today?

Getting Started with Free Money Slots

Most beginners arrive at the casino slots with a multitude of misunderstandings in their mind. The main one is which slot machine should I pick. Sure, all slots differ from different symbols, number of reels, features, Free spins, gamble options and most of all the Size of the Jackpot. This is what is most appealing not to mention super attractive.

The first consideration for any slot when you are starting out is which type of slot machine are you going to play. Understanding the different types available will means you don’t make any mistaken betting to much and playing too many coins.  The biggest mistake is accidental pressing the max bet instead of the play button. Knowing your machine is half the battle won, the rest is up to a bit of luck and sitting down to the machine at the right time.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

First up; the progressive jackpot. This is a slot which increases the jackpot every time the reels are spun. This does not affect your winning combinations, it just helps to increase the jackpot prize making the game even more appealing on every spin. It goes without saying progressive slots offers you the chance for the big money. Every time someone plays the jackpot amount grows.

However, don’t be fooled; as the progressive jackpot amount can only be won when you play for a minimum number of coins to be eligible so as before read the game rules. Otherwise, you could be looking at a small pay out instead of the chance of life chancing sums of money.

Multi-Spin Slots

Next; the multi-spin slot. This is for hardcore slot players who want fast action and are willing to play big! These slots have several reels which can be held whilst the remaining reels are spun. Auto hold is usually used as standard, though the option can be overridden if you so want. Bear in mind though that the auto function holds the best possible winning reels for you! With multi-spin slots you have more pay-out combinations, so be sure to get stuck in.

Multi-Pay Line Slots

And finally? Multi Pay line slots. These are made up of, as the name suggests, multiple pay lines which can each pay multiple winning combination. However, only those pay lines that are activated will pay so make sure you bet both the correct number of lines and coin values too. Sometimes there are scatter symbols which act as wild or bonus symbols giving you more changes to win. These often turn into a bonus round or free spin game, so look out for these as these offer the best value and chances to win.

Once you have decided on the type of slot offering you the most fun, not to mention the best for you to play, then take a look at all the different themes. From Rainbow Riches, Starburst through to the new generation of Movie and TV Show slots all of which will result in many hours of fun and enjoyment.

Good Luck

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